IGDA Memberships

There is a whole wealth of information on the IGDA website (http://www.igda.org/) and I thought I would post up some of the most important and pertinent information to everyone here:


First of all, if you are not currently a member you can (and should) sign up HERE.


To quote the IGDA website: “While the true benefits of membership lie in the development of your career and support of the community, you will also enjoy discounts and promos on relevant events, publications, products and services.”

  • You can see a list of said discounts and promos HERE.
  • There is an IGDA Health Care Program, and you can see all that information HERE.
  • There is a Members Only Webinar Series: “The IGDA webinar series exclusive for IGDA Members has quickly become a hit.  The webinar series presents speakers and topics that are requested by our members.  To see past webinar’s and our upcoming sessions…”  I would love to share this information with you, but it is Members Only 🙂

I hope this information helps and I will continue to update it as necessary.

2 Responses

  1. Hello! I had a question regarding your student memberships. You see, I’m not specifically a video game student. I’m a Computer science student. Depending on financial aid I’m hoping to either dual major or get a certification in video game development. Can I still sign up as a member and/or apply for the scholarships even though Video Gaming isn’t the core focus of my study?

    I do want to be involved video game creation in the long run, but I also want to gain a broader knowledge of computing and programming in general, hence not pursuing a gaming-related degree specifically.

    • We’re just a local chapter that requires no membership to attend meetings or contribute. If you wish to be a part of IGDA on a large scale, then I believe you can sign up to be a member regardless of your area of study. Unfortunately I am not sure how the scholarships work, and I suggest reaching out to someone at IGDA via email https://www.igda.org/?page=staff for a better answer.

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