Survey, Updates, Recap!

Hey everybody!


Thanks to those of you that made it out to Rosie’s to join us this past Wednesday. For those of you that missed it, fear not! I’ll recap the details below 🙂


First and most importantly, we’ve put together a survey for all of you! You can take it here. It’s just one page, shouldn’t take more than a couple minutes, and it will help us tremendously going forward to decide on things like future meeting locations. (Speaking of which, we’ll have some news on our December meeting soon, so stay tuned!)


Coming up, we have just one event reminder for this coming Monday:

Lecture: Richard Rouse III!

Monday, November 14th
7:30 PM in the Navajo Conference Room (in Kirk Student Center) at Mesa Community College!

ASU, in collaboration with Mesa CC, is presenting a very special lecture series, the first one being a talk from Richard Rouse III of Paranoid Productions. Perhaps best known for his work on the game The Suffering, Richard has also released a book on game design and is well-known for his lectures about emotion and morality in games at the past few GDCs.


All are invited, and it’s FREE, so please come out and represent the local game development scene! With Richard’s expertise, it should be a fantastic and thought-provoking talk for developers, teachers and students alike.


Finally, as promised, here’s a recap of our most recent meeting (with REAL working links!):
  • The participant games of our most recent Game Jam over at UAT were all playable on the IGDA PHX machine! Some of them can also be found on the Ludum Dare homepage: They’ll be playable at future meetings as well, so if you’d like to try them, we’ll see you in December! ;D
    By the way, did you know Tyler has a Facebook page for UAT Game Jams? Check it out and ‘like’ it here: Spread the word! With enough support, we can get rid of those silly extra numbers at the end of the URL.

  • Tristan and his team at UAT showed the latest gameplay footage of their game in development, The Afflicted ( You can find it in the “Latest Video” section!

  • Ben Steele, a one man animation machine, showed footage from a work-in-progress project of his, Kitaru, which you can view in full on Youtube: He’s currently looking for collaborators on a game project based around this IP. If you’re interested, you can find him at ben at aoineko dot com.


Again, if you guys can take that survey and spread the word about it, it would be totally awesome and a HUGE help to us. Thanks! Have a great Thanksgiving, and keep an eye out for ze news about December 🙂