January Meeting – Game Jam Horizon! (Jan 23rd at UAT!)

Welcome to 2013! IGDA Phoenix is back, and better than ever!*

January Meeting Details

January 23rd, 2013. is the date you need to know. The location is back at the University of Advancing Technology in the Theatre Room for our main event. The fun begins at 7:00pm, and afterwards we will disperse to Claim Jumper for talking, eating, and drinking.

Please RSVP to the event here!


The exact address is University of Advancing Technology, West Baseline Road, Tempe AZ


Claim Jumper is just down the street from UAT, and is located at 530 West Baseline Road, Tempe, AZ

Preparing for a Game Jam

Kyle and Offspring Fling at PAX 2012. Photo credits go to Rami Ismail of Vlambeer Studios.

Our feature presentation for the meeting will be Game Jam Pro Tips presented by resident developer and guy writing this very blog post, Kyle Pulver. Kyle is a long time game jammer, and has had some success with a few of his game jam games. He’s going to talk about some things that any game jammer should know, or at least think about, before heading into a jam of any size. With Global Game Jam 2013 right on the horizon, it’s a very topical presentation!

Global Game Jam

January 25th – 27th
This event is coming up quick! The University of Advancing Technology is hosting a Phoenix location again this year, so come and get your jam on with us! Make sure to register for the jam location and also RSVP on the Facebook event if you’re planning on attending.

Bring your demos!

Got something cool you’re working on? Or maybe a project from a previous game jam that would be neat to share? Bring them to UAT and/or Claim Jumper and show them off! We want to make sharing projects and demos a regular thing, and in the future hold more dedicated demo nights if there is enough interest. This will be our way of testing the water for that. If you’re bringing a demo that you would like to talk about in front of the crowd, then please let us know at kyle@igdaphx.org or corey@igdaphx.org

RSVP Please!

If all that sounds good, then don’t forget to RSVP right here to the event. If you have any announcements you would like to make at the meeting, please let us know by emailing kyle@igdaphx.org or corey@igdaphx.org with the details.

We want you to present!

Got something on your mind? Is there something you totally love and want to share with the rest of us? Is there an interesting topic you really want to discuss with a bunch of game developers? Then we want you to stand up and tell us about it! We’re always looking for more people to present at our meetings, so if you have any interest at all in giving a 30 minute-ish presentation for a crowd of about 50 people (usually) then please let us know! Just email kyle@igdaphx.org or corey@igdaphx.org and we’ll figure something out.

*We’re probably actually the same as we were in 2012.