December Meeting and Announcements

Ready for our December meeting? Join us on December 17th, 7:00pm, at Endgame in Tempe.


Designing with the 80-20 rule: Leveraging Convention to Aid Innovation

How can we build better game systems? Learn about different design processes involving observing and deconstructing existing systems and finding the best places to innovate. See practical examples of this process through deconstructing mechanics, and rebuilding proven systems to discover the right things to change.

tristanTristan Moore has been a professional game artist and designer for almost 5 years. He is the co-founder of Broken Window Studios, which is currently developing the indie horror title Grave. Tristan is also a design adviser on the upcoming Afro Samurai 2: Revenge of the Bear, developed by Redacted Studios.


Location and Parking


There are several parking lots near the Brickyard at ASU that cost $2.00 an hour. There are also some ASU lots that no longer require permits starting at 7:00pm. Here is a map of the ASU lots. According to their website, Lot 3, 55, 58, 59, and 59E don’t require a permit after 7:00pm.

Most of the metered parking spots not directly on Mill Avenue are free after 6:00pm. Be sure to double check! Here is a map of Mill Avenue parking with highlighted sections of free parking after 6:00pm.

The 5th and Farmer lot does not require a parking permit after 6:00pm. Also The City Hall Garage is free when entering after 6:00pm.

Please double check when parking anywhere to confirm that these details are correct. Also be aware if there happens to be a special event taking place during the night of our meeting some of these free parking spots may actually be charging event fees.


Want to make an announcement?
Email the details to  Please keep announcements related to the local game development community.  If you’d like to give your announcement at the meeting, please include a picture and a small amount of text for a powerpoint slide.  You’re welcome to give your announcement at the meeting yourself as long as it takes less than 3 minutes.

From Last Month…

The Hour of Code
The Hour of Code is a world wide event taking place December 8 – 14th. It’s a one hour introduction to computer science designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics.

Dwell on Steam Greenlight
The locally developed MMO Dwell is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight! You can vote for it here.