Board of Directors

Corey Nolan

corey Corey makes software for a living and goofy experimental games for a hobby. She’s been helping run IGDA PHX in some capacity since 2010.

Aside from games and game development, she’s super into dodgeball, family, Christmas, functional programming and olympic weightlifting.



Kyle Pulver

kyle Kyle is a full time indie developer with a passion for platformers and an eye for style. He will game jam circles around you. He’s been helping run IGDA since 2011!

Aside from games and game development, he’s super into otters, sushi, stuffed animals, customized converses and meteor showers.


PRO TIPZ you can reach both Corey and Kyle at once by emailing This gives us double the chance of responding! ;D

3 Responses

  1. Hi!

    I just joined IGDA. I am here in the Phoenix area and would like to attend the meeting on Sept 2nd. Do I need to show any sort of credentials to get in? Or do I just give my name at the door? Just want to make sure you guys know about me since I just joined about 5 minutes ago. πŸ˜›



  2. Hi Brandon!

    It looks like you figured this one out, but as this is an important detail I though I’d reiterate:

    You DO NOT need any membership credentials to attend meetings, nor do you need to be an IGDA member! This is about building the Phoenix game development community πŸ™‚ While we certainly encourage IGDA membership and consider it a highly worthwhile organization, it will not be a filtering factor for our regular monthly meetings.

    Your local IGDA branch!

  3. Hi Carrie, Corey and James,

    could you post an announcement to the “Redefining Video Games” TEDx event for me? I would like all the gamers in town to know abut it first πŸ™‚

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