Celebrate the Holidays with IGDA!

Hey all!

Hope you’re having a great holiday season so far. Even if you aren’t, fear not! We’re here to bring you tidings of great joy and stuff, cause it’s our…


Saturday, December 17th

Noon – 5:00 PM at University of Advancing Technology (UAT)!

That’s right! Instead of the normal monthly meeting, we’ll be having some super rad FESTIVITIES to celebrate the holidays with your favorite local game developers! But it’s not just us: this season is about your close ones! Feel free to bring along any family and friends who might be interested! 😀

Because this is our second annual holiday party, I can now say it’s a continuing tradition of awesomeness, and fun times have always been had by all. If you don’t want to take our word for it, just check out the awesome pictures from last year (courtesy Matthew Wegner)! We’ll provide lots of food, snacks and drinks (no alcohol, sorry) but if you have a dish or dessert you’d like to make, please do! The party is free for everyone, but if you want to kick a couple bucks of donation our way we wouldn’t complain ;D

This year we’re in UAT’s Little Theater, which means we’ll have the BIG SCREEN available to us to… you guessed it… PLAY GAMES! Feel free to bring in your creations or projects-in-progress and we’ll put ’em up on the projector, super show-and-tell style! (Keep in mind the screen’s resolution size is 1024×768.) We’ll also have some board games for my fellow board game geeks (and again, feel free to bring your own)!

It’ll be a fun time for all, so we hope you can all join us!


ALSO, I wanted to extend a quick thanks to everyone who has helped us out so far by taking our location survey. We’ve come up with a couple of leads for new potential meeting ‘homes’, and we’ve gotten a lot of insight in general on what people want to see moving forward into the new year.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Have fun, be safe, and hope to see you all on the 17th!