Presenting Our All-Star Summer Line-Up!

Hey everybody! Hope you’re all gearing up to have an exciting and fun Memorial Day weekend! Your favorite local IGDA chapter has some exciting news, too!

New Board Members!

First of all, we have formally determined our board for the upcoming election year! You can find info about us at any time on the Board of Directors page, but here’s the quick list!

Chair: Corey Nolan
Vice Chair: Kyle Pulver
Secretary: Josh Moss
Treasurer: Caitlin Ellis
Student Rep : Tyler Coleman


To keep guys in-the-loop, we’re also announcing our Summer-at-a-Glance! Here’s a first look at our list of monthly meetings and events through the months of June, July and August, though we’ll have more reminders and likely additions to come!


JUNE MEETING: Wednesday, June 1st
8 PM at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

That’s right! This month’s upcoming meeting will be held at 8 PM, instead of the usual 7 o’clock. Why’s that? Well, you’re still free to come earlier, but the idea is that by pushing the meeting back an hour we can hopefully wait out the worst of our famous Arizona heat for the day. The back room at Rosie’s is, unfortunately, not enclosed and air-conditioned, although for this month they have added a few more cooling solutions. We still advise dressing lightly – leave the winter jackets at home! πŸ˜‰ If needed, members can move inside the bar to their enclosed and air-conditioned space.

There’s no speaker for next week’s meeting, but instead we’ll be having GAME DEMOS! A lot of locals are working on some really cool stuff, and here at IGDA PHX it’s our duty to show them off! Presenters will have a window of 1-5 minutes where they can talk about and maybe even demo a little bit of their game on the big screen. After the presentation, stations will be set up for members to come play and talk about the games presented. The games can be game jam successes, working builds of larger projects, newly released material – anything you want to show off, really!

If you would like to show off a game at Wednesday’s meeting, please e-mail Corey: We’ll be determining the order and length of the introductions based on this info, so please let me know ASAP!


IGDApendence Day Picnic! Sunday, June 26th
10 AM – 3 PM at Kiwanis Park in Tempe

YAY! It’s a picnic! I know most of you guys already have your 4th of July plans, so we’re holding it a week in advance. And no, of course this isn’t an excuse to have a corny portmanteau!

Anyway, more info about this will be available shortly! It will be held in one of the ramadas (covered little party spaces) near Kiwanis. There will be grilled foods, balls and discs to be thrown around (and other athletic-type things), and just some great chances to hang out and have fun with your favorite local game devs! Bring your family, bring your coworkers, bring your friends! It’s IGDApendence, baby!


JULY MEETING: Wednesday, July 6th
7 PM, Location TBA

Well, we don’t yet know where it will be. But we DO know that it will be exciting.

Our very own Mr. PJ Vilsaint, IGDA PHX member and several-time game jam participant, will be giving a talk about his company Super Fun Games, and their upcoming release for the iPhone and iPad, Music Block Attack (which many of you actually got to play at our last meeting!). It will be a talk of both insights on the entrepreneurial experience and a game postmortem. You sure won’t want to miss this one!


AUGUST MEETING: Wednesday, August 3rd
7 PM, Location TBA

In a similarly unknown location and similarly exciting meeting, we’ll be having a talk from ASU Professor and IGDA PHX local Theresa Devine on her own findings and research! Recognize the same? Well, you should, she’s the one who put together that amazing TEDx talk not too long ago πŸ™‚

More info to come on this soon as well, but be sure to mark your calendars! This summer’s IGDA PHX has a line-up of superstars you can’t miss out on!


That’s it for now, don’t forget about our super rad Twitter and Facebook pages. Cheers guys! Keep cool out there, and we’ll see you all on Wednesday!