June Meeting and Announcements

Summer is upon us, but temperatures of 100+ degrees won’t stop us.  Come join IGDA Phoenix for another meeting on June 25th, starting at 7:00pm at the University of Technology.


The Magicians & Looters Postmortem


How can a 2D platformer take over a decade to make? The Magicians & Looters postmortem reveals the shameful secrets of the Development Cycle of the Damned. Learn everything not to do when making a video game, along with a detailed roadmap that shows how a Metroidvania traveled from XBLIG to Steam Greenlight.

Presented by Brian Clifton and Justin Pereira

CowabungaJustin Pereira is a graduate from UAT who spent the majority of his education studying 3D modeling. Now, he draws sprites.

A044_webBrian Clifton graduated from UAT in 2003 and has been writing code for several companies in the valley including a 3 year stint at Intel Corporation. He’s been a software engineer at GoDaddy for the last 6 years.



Game CoLab Game Jam
The Game CoLab has successfully secured a $4,000 grant that will make for an awesome jam and afford teams visibility in a website showcase!  Jam at the Game CoLab from July 18th to July 20th.  More details and RSVP here.

Design Works Gaming is Hiring
Design Works Gaming is now hiring in a number of fields in Math, Production, Engineering, Motion Graphics, and more.  Check out all the details here.

Aztez At E3
Local developers Team Colorblind is rocking E3 with Aztez which premiered on the show floor in Microsoft’s booth.  Check out the details here.

Want to make an announcement?
Email the details to chair@igdaphx.org.  Please keep announcements related to the local game development community.  If you’d like to give your announcement at the meeting, please include a picture and a small amount of text for a powerpoint slide.  You’re welcome to give your announcement at the meeting yourself as long as it takes less than 3 minutes.

From Last Month…

Congrats to Grave!
Grave reached their Kickstarter goal of $30,000, congrats!  More details here.

Congrats to Hex Heroes!
Hex Heroes reached their Kickstarter goal of $80,000, congrats!  More details here.

Picmonic is Hiring
Seeming a Creative Wizard!  Work with scholars, artists, and fellow wizards.  Create stories and pictures with purpose, and revolutionize the way students learn.  More details here.

Arizona Gamer is a new site focused on game development and gaming news focused on local happenings.  Check it out here.