April Meeting Details & Announcements

April Meeting

April 24th, 7:00pm
University of Advancing Technology (Theatre Room)
2625 West Baseline Road Tempe, AZ 85283

The Rocky Road of iOS: An Indiana Stone Retrospective (RSVP Here)

Presented by Tim Winsky

Indiana Stone

Just released in the wild a few weeks ago, Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder is nearly a two year effort by local game developer Tim Winsky.  Tim recently quit his job in the software industry to go full time indie developer.  Join us on April 24th when Tim recounts the tale of Indiana Stone’s development all the way up through its release into the app store.  Can a lone indie survive in the wild world that is iOS?  Find out at this month’s meeting!

RSVP Here!

Game CoLab

At our last meeting Joseph Darnell and Ben Reichert announced the Game CoLab, a game developer collaborative workspace.  This is an awesome idea to unite the developer community here in the valley.  We encourage you to sign up to learn more at their website.   If you have any feedback or suggestions contact them at gamecolab@gmail.com, they really want this to be community driven.  LA has something like this, Boston has one, the Bay Area has Hacker Dojo… let’s put Phoenix on the map!

On Friday, April 12th, they’re having their very first Game CoLab Meet Up from 6:30 to around 9 PM.  The Meet Up will be a networking “Show and Tell”, in which we’ll meet each other and briefly discuss what each other is working on.  The event will be held at the Levine Machine on the corner of Grant and 7th St in Phoenix! RSVP for the event on MeetUp.

PING Golf Job Openings

PING Golf is looking for programmers, both in web development and 3D interactive development using Unity3D. Work with the team to conceptualize, design, build, test, and deliver software applications to PING’s customers (Golf Shops) and consumers (Golfers). The employee will be expected to have advanced computer skills including office use and programming of solutions on a number of computing platforms using a variety of tools and techniques. Specific areas of interest to this group include Web, Mobile, 3D, Gaming, Graphics, Interactivity, Animation, Simulation, Sensors, and Multi-Media. The employee is expected to work well with the team and individually as appropriate to complete assigned work on time and with high quality. Understanding requirements, breaking work down in to tasks, estimating effort, and providing feedback during execution is vital to this employee’s success.

Apply at Jobing.com

Last Month’s Presentation

Corey Nolan’s presentation on Motivation was fully recorded and is available to watch online.  For slides and a link to the recording, visit Corey’s blog.

Ernest Adams Presentation

The Ernest Adams talk given at UAT on April 1st was recorded and can be seen right here.

Offspring Fling Talk

Kyle Pulver will be doing an encore presentation of his Offspring Fling talk that was given in October at IGDA PHX.  The presentation has been updated to include additional details up until this past holiday season.  It will be happening on April 17th at Collin’s College.  Further details such as the time and actual room location are still being worked out, but we will post those details as they become available.  It will most likely be sometime in the afternoon.


This weekend (probably during the time you’re reading this) there’s an awesome arcade and pinball convention happening right here in Phoenix.  Check out the details here.


You may have noticed that the Eventbrite page for this month’s meeting now has a donation option.  We want to start doing more events, and also make our current events better.   We’re currently working on providing food at our meetings in the UAT Theatre, but this obviously costs quite a bit of money to provide food for our 50-something usual turn out.  If you want to help us cover the costs of food and also help us run other potential events in the future, then please consider donating.  There are some fees associated with Eventbrite donations, so if you wish to donate with just cash then you can do that at the meeting itself.

Of course, you don’t have to donate at all and can continue showing up to meetings as well!

That’s everything for now!  Hope to see you all at the next meeting!