March Meeting & Announcements

Our next meeting is March 26th, at 7pm in the University of Advancing Technology’s Theatre Room.  If you’re planning to attend, please RSVP as this gives us a good headcount for ordering food.


Designing Platformers

Michael Todd, designer of Electronic Super Joy. talks about how he designs platformers in Unity3D. If you’re interested in making an indie game, with a small amount of people (or on your own!), this talk is for you!

Michael Todd is an award winning game developer, currently based in Los Altos, California. He has spoken around the world at GDC, PAX, GamerCamp, NoMoreSweden and the Hand-Eye Society, and is a specialist in rapid prototyping methods.


Magicians and Looters Greenlit!
The Phoenix made game Magicians and Looters has made it through Greenlight and will be debuting on Steam sometime in the near future.

UAT Tech Forum Talk
Ara Shirinian will be speaking at the UAT Tech Forum on March 26 at 1:30pm:  GAMES, LEARNING, and UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES.  It will be bringing together some of the seemingly unconnected ideas he has spoken about in the past.

Greenlight Jam
The Greenlight Jam is a crazy awesome month long Game Jam, broken into three key Jam Sessions. The point of Greenlight Jam is not to create a throwaway game, but rather to create a full project/substantial prototype, which you then take into full production.  Check out the Facebook Group and Event for more details.

Want to make an announcement?
Email the details to Please keep announcements related to the local game development community. If you’d like to give your announcement at the meeting, please include a picture and a small amount of text for a powerpoint slide. You’re welcome to give your announcement at the meeting yourself as long as it takes less than 3 minutes.

From Last Month…

Freedom Jam
A game jam taking place from March 27th to April 27th.  More details coming soon.
A brand new project that aims to archive all of Phoenix’s past game jams, and also organize future game jams.  If you’re interested in helping with this project contact Tyler Coleman (

Threes on iOS
Not a locally developed game, but features the voices of local developers Corey Nolan and Kyle Pulver.  Also available on Android.

2XL Focus Testing
2XL is seeking local playtesters for their upcoming project.  Must be available on weekdays at 6:30pm and 9:00pm.  Contact for more details.

Phoenix’s Pinball and Arcade convention comes to the Renaissance Downtown on April 12th and April 13th.