November Meeting and Announcements

Our next meeting is coming up pretty quick! Join us on November 19th at Endgame in Tempe.


Games as Art and Kant’s Moral Dilemma

Games as Art and Kant’s Moral Dilemma: What Can Ethical Theory Reveal About the Role of the Game Designer as Artist?

How can we further an understanding of the role of the game designer as moral teacher and artist by studying an intersection of ethics and games? This is a presentation based on a study that conducted with 2 students in the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation at ASU West. The methodology for this study is to play through the “Tranquility Lane” quest in the video game Fallout 3 using Kant’s theory and discuss creative choices in its design using the Categorical Imperative.

The full article regarding this study can be found here.

theresaTheresa Devine is an Assistant Professor in the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and a Lincoln Center for Applied Ethics Scholar at Arizona State University. She received her BFA in painting and printmaking at Texas A&M University–Corpus Christi in 1991 and her MFA in painting at University of Houston in 1994. In her personal artwork, she explores games, toys, and play. She is the Chief Executive Artist of Zamtox, LLC. Zamtox is a startup video game company with the vision to initiate a new dawn of creative, critical thinking for the enrichment of all lives through mainstreaming art. The company focuses on developing games which combine entertainment and conceptual depth.Her work as lead of the Studio 4 Gaming Innovation research lab on the West campus of ASU focuses on developing table top and digital games which combine entertainment and conceptual depth. The Studio 4 also researches games to redefine and explore what they can be and how they can be used to initiate transformation in our society. The projects in the Studio 4 range from artistic and educational game development to biofeedback to comparative ethical studies.

This meeting will also feature a raffle to give away five copies of the full article Theresa is discussing, and five copies of the dice game “Because I’m Pretty Sure I’m Right”


Location and Parking


There are several parking lots near the Brickyard at ASU that cost $2.00 an hour. There are also some ASU lots that no longer require permits starting at 7:00pm. Here is a map of the ASU lots. According to their website, Lot 3, 55, 58, 59, and 59E don’t require a permit after 7:00pm.

Most of the metered parking spots not directly on Mill Avenue are free after 6:00pm. Be sure to double check! Here is a map of Mill Avenue parking with highlighted sections of free parking after 6:00pm.

The 5th and Farmer lot does not require a parking permit after 6:00pm. Also The City Hall Garage is free when entering after 6:00pm.

Please double check when parking anywhere to confirm that these details are correct. Also be aware if there happens to be a special event taking place during the night of our meeting some of these free parking spots may actually be charging event fees.


Tech Forum Game Jam
From 5pm on November 7th until (approximately) 9pm on November 9th, UAT will be hosting a game jam! This is going to be a good one: not only is it sponsored by Xamarin, but devs Mike Bluestein and James Montemagno will be onsite to answer whatever questions you’ve got!

New to game jams? That’s all the more reason you should come! You can read through our FAQ for more info. The jam will be held in various classrooms at University of Advancing Technology, you can find directions here. You can also find more details on their Facebook Event.

Code Day Phoenix
CodeDay Phoenix is seeking volunteers for the event on November 8th and 9th at CA+HOOTS in downtown Phoenix. Sign up to be a volunteer here!

Geo Kickstarter
Local developer Brandon Greene-Hooks has launched a Kickstarter Campaign for his latest project: Geo. Geo is an 8-bit mobile game that will put both your mind and reflexes to the test; for Android, iOS, and Windows 8 Phone. Check it out!

Dwell on Steam Greenlight
The locally developed MMO Dwell is now up for voting on Steam Greenlight! You can vote for it here.

The Hour of Code
The Hour of Code is a world wide event taking place December 8 – 14th. It’s a one hour introduction to computer science designed to demystify code and show that anyone can learn the basics.

Uber Discount!
Get $20 off your first ride with Uber if you use the promo code IGDA. Sign up for a new account here: with the promo code!

From Last Month…

Grave Trailer
The team behind Grave has released a new trailer for their upcoming horror survival game. Check it out here.

Open Unity Position
Chris Toepker is seeking a Unity developer experienced with networking for a short term or a full time position on a small virtual world project in Scottsdale. If you’re interested contact Chris at