February Meeting and GDC 2012!

Hi everybody!


Happy February! It’s your favorite local IGDA chapter, and we’re happy to be back after a January break. We’ve got some announcements to make!

First of all, congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Global Game Jam, both at UAT and elsewhere. We had some great local entries! And for those of you who missed it, don’t worry, you’ll see ’em at our…


February IGDA Meeting!

Wednesday, February 15th
7 PM at Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe!

By popular request, we’re moving the meetings back to Tempe! This means you’ll want to get in on time to take advantage of the seating arrangements 🙂

This meeting will be a post-jam wrap-up, with jammers both new and old recounting their experiences making a game in a weekend. And of course, no game jam postmortem is complete without a full suite of new games to try! They’ll all be available on the IGDA computer. So come by, eat, drink and play!



Don’t forget that GDC 2012 is rapidly approaching! If you’re interested in buying tickets, you can do it through the main conference site. There are a lot of cool sessions planned, so if you have the means, it’s a conference well worth attending! (If you’re a card carrying member of the official IGDA, don’t forget about the special additional discounts you can receive!)



Finally, we have some awesome announcements to make from developers from all around the valley!


From just across the desert, we have a brand new word puzzle game: Monster Words by Enemy Hideout, available now on the iOS!

And to top it off, it’s FREE! Check it out today on the iDevice of your choosing!


Local dev and vice chair Kyle Pulver has announced a new game! Take a look at Offspring Fling, a game of epic baby-flinging proportions. The game itself originated from a game jam from last May. It will be out soon for Mac and PC! He also has a mailing list you can sign up for to receive an email when the game is released.
Check it out and help spread the word!


And by another local dev and IGDA board member, Tyler Coleman has released one of his game jam games to the app store. Hello Color will test just how well you can match and recognize colors under pressure, and contains a sophisticated statistics tracking system so you know JUST how good your hue senses really are.
This one’s available for just $0.99. Less money than a bagel AND more fun!


That’s all for now! Hope your 2012’s been going awesomely so far, and we’ll see you guys next week!





A Flurry of November Events!

Hey there, Valley Game Developers!

We’ve got one busy November coming up, and I want to make sure you guys have it all on your schedule! Get over your Halloween candy comas quick, ’cause we’ve got a LOT coming at ya…


UAT Technology Forum!

Tuesday, November 1st – Thursday, November 3rd
11 AM – 6 PM (each day) at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe!


The Tech Forum put on bi-yearly by UAT is free and open to the public! Which is great, because there’s a lot of interesting content being presented and taught here. It’s being held across three days, with lectures and other events spread across from 11 AM to about 6 PM each day. You can get more information, including registration and an event schedule, on the official Tech Forum website!


Tech Forum: Indie Panel!

Wednesday, November 2nd
6 – 7 PM in the little theater at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe!


Within the Tech Forum, we have a special panel being put together by Tyler Coleman featuring some of our talented local developers: Matthew Wegner, Kyle Pulver, David Koontz and Ara Shirinian! This panel will be about independent development, and the risks and rewards of going indie or starting your own studio as a reflection of their own experiences in the industry. We’ll have more to come about this, so stay tuned!

Because this panel is scheduled for the night that’s ordinarily our monthly IGDA meeting, we’ll be pushing this one back a week once again 🙂 Scroll down for the details on that!


November Game Jam!

Friday, November 4th – Sunday, November 6th
6 PM (Friday) – 8 PM (Sunday) at University of Advancing Technology in Tempe!


Man, UAT is hoppin’ this month! Lots of stuff going on, including yet another exciting Game Jam! This one will have none of the restrictions of the Noob Jam last month, along with a theme, judging, prizes… yeah, this jam is the REAL THING, folks!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a formal game jam… here’s a recap, in case anyone needs one: A Game Jam is a 48 hour timeframe in which developers get together and work in small teams to create a fully playable game by the end of the 48 hours. Games are then presented to everyone in UAT’s little theater. It’s hectic, yet fun! Even if you can’t make it for the whole weekend, it’s a great chance to work in a creative, energized environment. So feel free to drop by any time, the event goes on all day and night!

Friday, 6PM: We meet at UAT. This is the time for equipment set-up, brainstorming, getting to know people, etc. If you want to work with other people, you can pitch ideas and form teams. The theme will be revealed at 7, as well. (A theme is a high-level word or phrase that you must then take and incorporate into your game. Themes can provide a good starting block for brainstorming.) You can start working on the game as soon as you’re ready, but generally…

Saturday til 6PM on Sunday: is JAMMING TIME! You can use any tool, language, or platform you want and can run your game on any platform. Generally, creating your own assets is encouraged over pulling from the public domain. Teams can be any size.

Sunday, 6PM: Wrap-up and presentation time! This is when people can demonstrate what they’ve been working on for the weekend. After the presentation, judging will commence, and prizes will be awarded to the top games in a number of categories.

Annnnd that’s it in a nutshell! Hope you can all make it to the biggest Game Jam of the Fall!


November IGDA Meeting!

Wednesday, November 9th
7 PM at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant in Phoenix!


Here it is! As you can see, this month’s meeting is pushed back a week to accommodate the Tech Forum Indie Panel (above). It’s also the first meeting of the season to be held back at Rosie’s in Tempe! You guys may have noticed we’re a bit of a… large crowd for the Claim Jumper room. Rosie’s has much more space for a large group, and will be a comfortable place now that the Winter months are approaching. Plus, they’ve got a great beer menu! Our directions page has some additional info, such as phone number and nearest light rail stop.

We’re still looking for a speaker for this meeting, so if you’re interested, please e-mail me! (corey@igdaphx.org). Also, if you have announcements of screenshots of games in progress you’d like to show off at the meeting, please let me know (again, corey@igdaphx.org). Thanks!


Lecture: Richard Rouse III!

Monday, November 14th
7:30 PM in the Navajo Conference Room (in Kirk Student Center) at Mesa Community College!


ASU, in collaboration with Mesa CC, is presenting a very special lecture series, the first one being a talk from Richard Rouse III of Paranoid Productions. Perhaps best known for his work on the game The Suffering, Richard has also released a book on game design and is well-known for his lectures about emotion and morality in games at the past few GDCs.

In addition to the 7:30 lecture, he’ll also be giving a short panel earlier that day (starting at 3:15 PM), to review the designs of 3 chosen locally-developed games. Come see what he has to say! We’ll have more lecture series from ASU to announce down the road: keep up with Theresa’s updates on our IGDA Phoenix Facebook page to hear the latest.


Whew! And that’s everything, for now! Don’t forget to ‘like’ us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for reminders and the latest news and updates!


Cheers from your chair,




Local Meetings, Discussions, Demos and Successes!

Hey everybody!


Big thanks again to everyone who came out to last month’s meeting – the turnout and the talk were both fantastic, AND we have a lot more of these to look forward to in upcoming months! 🙂

For those of you who may have missed this past meeting or want a recap on it, we have some exciting news: Theresa captured it all on video, which will also be made available online! We’ll make an announcement once it’s up. For now though, we have her Powerpoint slides AND a bibliography of all the source material (not shown during the talk).

You can download them here: [Slides] [Bibliography]

She’s also chosen to make her contact info available for anyone with questions or comments about the subject! You can find her at theresadevine at gmail dot com or tcdevine at asu dot edu.


We have another great announcement! Kihon Games, our nearly-local friends out in Tucson, have released their game for iPhone/iPad, Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig)! It’s an addictive little game that pretty much speaks for itself. Based on the popular youtube video of the same name, it even features the original song by Parry Grip! Here’s a link to their game in the app store (only 99 cents!). Congrats to Kihon! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to next!

So here we go! Onwards and upcoming we have our…


SEPTEMBER Meeting! Wednesday, September 7th
7 PM at Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe!


September’s meeting is GAME DEMO Night! The format will be a little bit different from the usual, so let me explain: First of all, anyone with a game demo in ANY stage of its development is free to bring it in for people to playtest and watch it during “mingling time”! And in fact, the main presentation will be pretty short so everyone has plenty of time to do just that.

However, just after the announcements at 7, we’ll be showing a total of 6 actual demo presentations, each 5 minutes long. These demos can be anything you want: showing docs and screenshots, a brief powerpoint presentation, or even playing your game on the big screen! Each of these presentations is an open slot, which can be reserved by e-mailing me! (corey@igdaphx.org) Presentation slots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. So if you have a game you’d like to present, let me know SOON!

With September almost here, October’s always pretty quick to follow. And with that, we have our:


OCTOBER Meeting! Wednesday, October 5th
7 PM, Location TBA.


In the October meeting, we’ll be returning to our usual speaker/presentation format, as we welcome BACK to the IGDA Phoenix stage our very own Ara Shirinian! Those of you who are longtime IGDA Phoenix attendees may have remembered his speech last year. As a matter of fact, Ara’s our very first IGDA speaker to make an encore appearance!

He’s a fantastic designer and writer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. If his extensive list of released games and publications doesn’t convince you of that, just check out this awesome Gamasutra article and postmortem, published just last month!

We’ll have more to announce here as we get closer to October. Look forward to this one for sure!


Finally, I just want to remind you guys that we’re still on the lookout for ideal meeting locations! We like places that are big, accessible, quiet, and preferably have some good stuff on the menu ;D If you think you know of a good place to check out, please let Kyle or I know! (kyle@igdaphx.org) (corey@igdaphx.org).


That’s it for now, see you all in September! Game demo-ers, don’t forget to email me, and as always check us out on Facebook and Twitter!


Presenting Our All-Star Summer Line-Up!

Hey everybody! Hope you’re all gearing up to have an exciting and fun Memorial Day weekend! Your favorite local IGDA chapter has some exciting news, too!

New Board Members!

First of all, we have formally determined our board for the upcoming election year! You can find info about us at any time on the Board of Directors page, but here’s the quick list!

Chair: Corey Nolan
Vice Chair: Kyle Pulver
Secretary: Josh Moss
Treasurer: Caitlin Ellis
Student Rep : Tyler Coleman


To keep guys in-the-loop, we’re also announcing our Summer-at-a-Glance! Here’s a first look at our list of monthly meetings and events through the months of June, July and August, though we’ll have more reminders and likely additions to come!


JUNE MEETING: Wednesday, June 1st
8 PM at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

That’s right! This month’s upcoming meeting will be held at 8 PM, instead of the usual 7 o’clock. Why’s that? Well, you’re still free to come earlier, but the idea is that by pushing the meeting back an hour we can hopefully wait out the worst of our famous Arizona heat for the day. The back room at Rosie’s is, unfortunately, not enclosed and air-conditioned, although for this month they have added a few more cooling solutions. We still advise dressing lightly – leave the winter jackets at home! 😉 If needed, members can move inside the bar to their enclosed and air-conditioned space.

There’s no speaker for next week’s meeting, but instead we’ll be having GAME DEMOS! A lot of locals are working on some really cool stuff, and here at IGDA PHX it’s our duty to show them off! Presenters will have a window of 1-5 minutes where they can talk about and maybe even demo a little bit of their game on the big screen. After the presentation, stations will be set up for members to come play and talk about the games presented. The games can be game jam successes, working builds of larger projects, newly released material – anything you want to show off, really!

If you would like to show off a game at Wednesday’s meeting, please e-mail Corey: corey@igdaphx.org We’ll be determining the order and length of the introductions based on this info, so please let me know ASAP!


IGDApendence Day Picnic! Sunday, June 26th
10 AM – 3 PM at Kiwanis Park in Tempe

YAY! It’s a picnic! I know most of you guys already have your 4th of July plans, so we’re holding it a week in advance. And no, of course this isn’t an excuse to have a corny portmanteau!

Anyway, more info about this will be available shortly! It will be held in one of the ramadas (covered little party spaces) near Kiwanis. There will be grilled foods, balls and discs to be thrown around (and other athletic-type things), and just some great chances to hang out and have fun with your favorite local game devs! Bring your family, bring your coworkers, bring your friends! It’s IGDApendence, baby!


JULY MEETING: Wednesday, July 6th
7 PM, Location TBA

Well, we don’t yet know where it will be. But we DO know that it will be exciting.

Our very own Mr. PJ Vilsaint, IGDA PHX member and several-time game jam participant, will be giving a talk about his company Super Fun Games, and their upcoming release for the iPhone and iPad, Music Block Attack (which many of you actually got to play at our last meeting!). It will be a talk of both insights on the entrepreneurial experience and a game postmortem. You sure won’t want to miss this one!


AUGUST MEETING: Wednesday, August 3rd
7 PM, Location TBA

In a similarly unknown location and similarly exciting meeting, we’ll be having a talk from ASU Professor and IGDA PHX local Theresa Devine on her own findings and research! Recognize the same? Well, you should, she’s the one who put together that amazing TEDx talk not too long ago 🙂

More info to come on this soon as well, but be sure to mark your calendars! This summer’s IGDA PHX has a line-up of superstars you can’t miss out on!


That’s it for now, don’t forget about our super rad Twitter and Facebook pages. Cheers guys! Keep cool out there, and we’ll see you all on Wednesday!


TED Reminder, May meetings!

Heyo, Phoenix devs!

Here’s what’s up for the rest of this month and beginning of next:



TEDx ASU WEST: Saturday, April 30th
8:30 AM – 8 PM at KIVA Lecture Hall, ASU West Campus

This is your friendly reminder that our own localized TED event is coming up soon!  If you haven’t reserved your tickets for it yet, you should get on that! You’ll get to hear from a variety of speakers on the subject of Redefining Video Games: Brenda Braithwaite, for one, along with Cody Furr, Tyler Coleman and Kyle Pulver (all locals!).

The first portion of the event, in the morning, will be dedicated to showing off local games in development. Do you have a game you’d like to present? Did you know you can get a free ticket to TEDx for presenting it? For more info, contact Theresa Devine: theresadevine@gmail.com.

After that, there will be 3 speaker sessions, with a break for lunch in between (provided by the Amnesty International Student Club!) For details and the full schedule, you can also check out this TEDx flier!

For more info about the event, you can check out the TEDx ASU website or RSVP at the Facebook event.

Moving right along, we have our…



MAY MEETING: Wednesday, May 4th
7 PM at Rosie McCaffrey’s Irish Pub and Restaurant

We’re still on the lookout for a speaker for this one, so if you have a talk handy, or want to recommend someone, please let me know! (corey@igdaphx.org)

This meeting will also be our elections meeting. We had a few sign-ups at our April meeting so far. Please, for anyone else who wants to run, email me your name and the position you’d like to run for! This is important because I’ll be making ballots prior to the meeting. At the meeting itself, everyone who’s running will have the opportunity to present themselves and explain why they think they’d be a good candidate. If you’d like to run, but can’t make it next month, you can send me your presentation speech so we can read/publish it!

Though the IGDA PHX meetings and events are open to anyone, only IGDA members are allowed to vote, so bring your Member ID to this meeting!

(P.S. We are also looking for a neutral / not running 3rd party to collect and count the votes, so if you are interested in doing that, please let me know!)

Finally, because it’s been way too long, I’m happy to announce…



‘MAY’-KING GAMES (MAY GAME JAM): Friday – Sunday, May 6-8th
5 PM Friday – 8 PM Sunday at University of Advancing Technology (UAT)

By popular demand! We picked the time based upon a poll on our Facebook page. This will be a 48 hour game-making extravaganza! We’ll have more details to come about it as we get closer, but keep that weekend open! It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, so I’m going to give a quick recap on the format of a game jam. This is OPEN TO ANYONE, by the way!

Friday, 5 PM: We meet at UAT. This is the time for equipment set-up, brainstorming, getting to know people, etc. If you want to work with other people, you can pitch ideas and form teams. We’ll also be picking the theme the day of. (A theme is a high-level word or phrase that you must then take and incorporate into your game. Themes can provide a good starting block for brainstorming.) You can start working on the game as soon as you’re ready, but generally…

Saturday til 5 pm on Sunday: is JAMMING TIME! You can use any tool, language, or platform you want and can run your game on any platform. Generally, creating your own assets is encouraged over pulling from the public domain. Teams can be any size.

Sunday, 5PM: Wrap-up and presentation time! This is when people can demonstrate what they’ve been working on for the weekend.

Note: Meals aren’t provided, but we’ll have plenty of snacks and drinks on hand!

Even if you can’t make it for the whole weekend, it’s a great chance to work in a creative, energized environment. So feel free to drop by!



That’s all for now, folks. We’ll see you all April 30th!


Kicking off the New Year right!

Hey there IGDA Phoenix, HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!

I want to start this message off by wishing you all a belated happy holidays. We missed you guys last month! As many of you noticed (!), there was no monthly meeting for December… We haven’t abandoned you, I promise 🙂 This time of the year gets pretty busy for everyone, ourselves included, and we know many of us take trips to out-of-state these months to see family and friends.

Buuut we wanted to make it up to you all by inviting you all to our (first annual!):



Holigday Party!
Saturday, January 15th, 2011

12 noon – 3 P.M. at Collins College (Main Campus)

That’s right, it’s time for us to play party hosts! There’ll be plenty of games, both console and table (and feel free to bring your own!), a potluck lunch, and another chance to chat and play with your favorite PHX game devs 🙂

As with the meetings, there’s no IGDA membership requirement to attend. Anyone is welcome to come! We are asking that those who can chip in, help by bringing in a small entry donation to cover building and security fees (suggested $3). Alternatively, you can help by bringing a dish for the potluck lunch! We will have access to a small kitchenette area, including a fridge and microwave, and will help accommodate equipment as needed 🙂 If you are interested in bringing a dish for the potluck, please email myself or Caitlin so we can keep a master list.

You can download a poster HERE! with all the relevant party info. We encourage you guys to print these and put them up in your various schools/workplaces, to inspire others to join our growing group. The more, the merrier!

Moving right along in January, I’ve got another important announcement:



Friday – Sunday, January 28-30th

5 pm on Friday until 5 pm Sunday at University of Advancing Technology (UAT)

A special thanks to Tyler Coleman for registering UAT as an official jam site on the GGJ website.

If you only attend one game jam all year, this is the one. Go. To it.

Game developers from all around the world will be plugging away in their relative time zones to create unique, exciting games based around one global theme. That’s right — there are developers in Singapore and Glasgow competing right beside you! (Well… virtually speaking.) This isn’t to say that it’s a competitive jam only – it’s still just as much about making a game at your pace, and celebrating your own personal growths and successes! But at the same time, GGJ is a chance for us to remember that games really ARE a universal language, and developing them is an art that transcends cultural and language barriers.

It’s an amazing experience, you don’t want to miss this. If you haven’t done it yet, you should go to the Global Game Jam site and register as a jammer at UAT! Believe me, we’re going to keep nagging you about it!


Speaking of amazing experiences, I wanted to remind you guys that the 2011 Game Developer’s Conference is quickly approaching! It will be happening February 28th – March 4 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It’s a chance to meet and talk to people from all over the world about the amazing shared experience we have as game developers. Networking, people, parties… it’s an incredibly energizing and inspiring time.

…and you should sign up for it soon! Early registration ends on January 24th, and with that so does your chance to save around 30% on the conference ticket. (Also, don’t forget that if you have an official IGDA membership, you can receive an additional $50 off of this and other conference tickets!)


That’s all for now. Again, Happy 2011, IGDA PHX! Hope your year is going well already! We can’t wait to see you all on the 15th! 🙂


Your vice-chair,


IGDA PHX Game Jam Wrap-Up!

Hey there, Phoenix Game Devs! Happy Monday!


We’ve officially concluded another successful Game Jam! Lots of learning, making friends, sharing ideas, and best of all, lots of cool new games to play! Thanks to everyone who came and participated, I hope you all got something out of it!


For those of you who couldn’t make it to the jam, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to play these games when you come to our

August IGDA meeting!

(Which is once again on the first Thursday of the month, August 5th, 7 P.M. at Boulder’s on Broadway!)


The Next Jam: There’s another jam coming up next month, August 13th-15th! While it’s not an official IGDA jam, it’s being organized by one Mr. Tyler Coleman, and we gotta say it sounds pretty rad. Catering, teams, judging, prizes!… and again, this is open to anyone and everyone making games in the Phoenix area. It’s being sponsored and hosted once again by UAT.


To this past weekend’s jammers: If you decide to keep working on your game jam games (highly encouraged!) and want to send me a new build before the August 5th meeting, just shoot me an e-mail (again, corey@igdaphx.org)!

Thanks again, all, and see you next month!


IGDA PHX Vice Chair