September Meeting and Announcements

What time is it?  Adventure Time!  Plus time for another IGDA meeting happening at the University of Advancing Technology on September 24th, 7:00pm in the Theatre Room.


A Timely Adventure with Cartoon Network

Three developers spent fourteen months creating a fairly ambitious mobile game for Cartoon Network based on the popular TV show Adventure Time. Was it a success? What was it like working for a big publisher like Cartoon Network? Why would Cartoon Network want to work with an unknown developer like TwinSky Games? How come there are goats in this game? Hear the answer to these questions and more!

Presented by Tim Winsky

adventuretimTim Winsky has made games forever, but only quit his day job a mere two years ago to go “full indie,” whatever that means. Now he can finally justify talking about video games all day. He has a passion for good design and things that are wacky, crazy, and just a little bit nutty.



BNC Design Studios Needs Support!
BNC Design Studios has applied for a $150,000 grant from Chase as part of a newly launched program: Mission Main Street. They must receive at least 250 votes to be eligible for the grant. You can show your support by voting for BNC Design Studios on the Mission Main Street Grants website.

Design Works Gaming Position
Design Works Gaming is currently looking to hire a QA Analyst. If you’re interested you can contact Design Works Gaming for more details.

Want to make an announcement?
Email the details to  Please keep announcements related to the local game development community.  If you’d like to give your announcement at the meeting, please include a picture and a small amount of text for a powerpoint slide.  You’re welcome to give your announcement at the meeting yourself as long as it takes less than 3 minutes.

From Last Month…

Free Local iOS Games
Local developer Jim Cummings has released no less than 4 free games to the app store! They are: 3 Dots Arcade, Mr. Emoji Social Climber, A Dark and Flappy Night, Curling VS Croquet. Feel free to check em out! Your feedback is greatly appreciated, and can be sent directly to Jim at his site,

Spelltorn Launches
Local developers 2XL Games released their mobile RPG Spelltorn. The game is available on the App Store and the Google Play Store. “It’s free to play so you have no excuse!”

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