February: Michael Todd, Platformers, Jam Games and More!

Howdy everybody!
Happy Valentine’s Day, with lots of love from your favorite IGDA chapter! Quickly, a big thanks to everyone who participated in our recent survey about operations over here at IGDA Phoenix. We got such a strong response, in fact, that we’ll be trying something new this month! Which brings me to our main announcement…


February IGDA Meeting!

Wednesday, Feburary 27th
7 PM in the Little Theater at University of Advancing Technology!

Our featured speaker for this month is our new Arizona transplant, Michael Todd! A bit more about him:

Featuring Michael Todd as himself.

Michael Todd is an award winning game developer, recently based in Toronto. He has spoken around the world at GDC, PAX, GamerCamp, NoMoreSweden and the Hand-Eye Society, and is a specialist in rapid prototyping methods.

A co-founder of the Toronto Skillswap & the Toronto Jammers, Michael is an active part of the indie game development community.

Twitter: @thegamedesigner

Michael’s talk is entitled “A LEAP OF FAITH: Platformer Design & Paradigms.” It addresses his unique approach to platforming games, including some dissection of existing ones. With a solid platter of experience under his belt, including the upcoming Unity-based 2D platformer Electronic Super Joy, Michael has a lot of wisdom to offer on platformers and game development in general. He’s also a renowned speaker, having given highly-rated talks at events including GDC and GamerCamp. Be sure to set room in your schedule for this one!

Now for the twist: instead of the normal food plans, we’ll continue socializing and demonstrations right there in UAT’s Little Theater! Everyone is free to get food as they please, but the projector will also be available after the talk to any of our Game Jam participants who would like to demo their games. Which leads me to our next announcement:


Global Game Jam 2013: Winners!

A HUGE congratulations is in order for everyone who participated in our most recent game jam, the Global Game Jam 2013. At UAT alone, we had more than 20 games that were created and fully playable in just 48 hours. That’s incredible!! We’ll be giving each of our local winners a quick shout-out in the announcements before the February meeting. JAMMERS: If you would like to select the screenshot(s) (up to 3) that will be displayed with your game in the announcements, please email them to corey@igdaphx.org. OR if you would prefer that your game goes unmentioned, e-mail me and we can handle that as well.

Congratulations again to everybody! GGJ 2013 was one of our best turnouts yet, and things are continuing to look up! A big thanks to Alex Bascom, Tyler Coleman, and everyone at UAT for putting it together. For updates about future jams, don’t forget to ‘like’ UAT Game Jams on Facebook!

Finally, we have an invitation our member, Zach Snader, to join a game development-based team in one of the toughest events of the year. If you’re into playing real-life platformers, this might be your bag:

Fellow IGDAers!

I hereby invite you to get your asses kicked at this year’s Tough Mudder! For the uninitiated, Tough Mudder is a ~12 mile endurance course with obstacles like: Climbing 12-foot tall walls, crawling over an ice covered tarp littered with electrified wires, and just straight up running through hell mud!

If that doesn’t sound like your idea of fun, stop reading this.

For the one of you I have left, please contact me if you are interested in joining my (small) team and training (heartily) before the event.


You can reach Zach by e-mailing zacsnade at uat dot edu. There’s only a few days left to register so if you’re interested do it soon!


We’ll see you all in a couple weeks!

Your chairs,
Corey and Kyle


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