October Meeting: The Tale of Offspring Fling!

Hey everyone!

The weather is finally getting awesome outside, and it’s time to announce another meeting! Our October meeting is happening a little later this month (don’t worry, you haven’t missed it!) and it features our vice chair, Kyle Pulver, talking about his experience with his first commercial game release: Offspring Fling!

October IGDA Meeting!

Wednesday, October 24th
7 PM in the Little Theater at University of Advancing Technology
Followed by food and drinks at Claim Jumper Restaurant!

This talk will be following the same format as last month’s: we will NOT be meeting at Claim Jumper, but instead the announcements and talk will begin at 7 PM in the UAT Little Theater, followed by food and drinks at Claim Jumper afterwards. So do not go to Claim Jumper first! Believe me, you’ll be pretty sad if you miss out on this talk!

Kyle and Offspring Fling at PAX 2012. Photo credits go to Rami Ismail of Vlambeer Studios.

Kyle Pulver (kpulv) is an independent developer who’s been making games since the early days of Klik & Play. He first appeared on the indie scene with Bonesaw, a brutally hard platformer inspired by his university’s hockey team. After a splash of good reviews, Kyle has gone on to make many more games both in and out of game jams. His most recent notable releases include depict1, Verge, Offspring Fling! and Snapshot. These days, Kyle works mainly in Flash using the Flashpunk framework.

In “The Tale of Offspring Fling,” Kyle recounts his journey from a small game jam game to his first full-scale commercial release online, and all the way to the middle of the PAX 10 at this year’s Penny Arcade Expo. Along with it, he’ll relate some of the obstacles he’s faced as a one-man game studio: getting your game out there, press, reviews, and marketing. Not to mention the many hints and tips he’s learned along the way!

We’ll see you there! Also, we have a quick announcement from a fellow IGDA PHX member and Collins College instructor, Jeffrey Chiara:

Collins College is hosting its once-a-term Game Jam for its students at the end of November, and we need the help of our local developers, designers, and artists to make it a success! We’re looking to cultivate a panel of game industry judges who’d like to visit the campus for an evening of playing, judging, and writing about games. Right now, we’re shooting for Sunday, December 2nd at 5PM, right after the games are handed in. If you’re interested, or if you have any questions, please send an e-mail to Jeffrey Chiara (jchiara@collinscollege.edu) and let him know! Also, please visit the website (http://tropicus.net/gamejam/) to get a feel for the work we’ve been doing so far. Thank you!

Thanks everyone, and we’ll see you next week!



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