September Meeting With a NEW Location!

Hey all,


Hope everyone’s been enjoyin’ their summers! As our month full of awesome thunderstorms comes to an end, we’ve got some great news, including the details on our September meeting! First things first… 

September IGDA Meeting!
Wednesday, September 12th
7 PM in the Little Theater at University of Advancing Technology
Followed by food and drinks at Claim Jumper Restaurant!


That’s right, we’re changing things up this month, so make sure you’re going to the right place! Starting at 7, we’ll be holding the talk and announcements in the Little Theater at UAT. It’s a good presentation space, convenient for speakers, and we’ll have room to seat plenty of people! Afterwards, we’ll meet up down the road at Claim Jumper for food, drinks and socializing. We’ll see you there! And be sure to RSVP at the Facebook event!

This month’s speaker is Matthew Wegner! Indie developer and programmer extraordinaire.

Matthew Wegner founded Flashbang Studios, an 8 year-old independent game developer best known for its “Blurst” portfolio of experimental games. Elsewhere, Matthew is an Indie Fund member, TIGJam organizer, photographer, conference planner, web/database programmer and unicyclist.
In his talk “The Blurst of Times: Everything I Learned About Making Games in 8 Weeks,” Matthew will recount Flashbang’s iterations on the standard development cycle, and how these experiments drove their approach to making short, small games that were released in a fraction of the typical timeframe.

There’s a lot of practical knowledge in this talk, so make plans NOW to be there! And don’t forget it’ll be held at UAT, not at Claim Jumper! We’ll head there after the talk (around 8PM or so). See you there!
And one more quick note:
Ludum Dare 24
Friday, August 24th – Monday, August 27th
Starting at 6PM on Friday at University of Advancing Technology



Anyone interested in jamming this weekend? If you are, good news! It turns out Ludum Dare 24 will be happening, and the classrooms at UAT will be open to anyone who wants the extra space.

This one’s a little different from the typical jam: usually (by competition rules) Ludum Dare games are developed solo rather than with a team. You can read more about the competition rulesets here. Judging will ONLY occur for entries following Ludum Dare’s guidelines submitted through the LD site. It’s a peer judging process, so submitting your own game allows you to vote on others’. For those not big on the strict compo format, feel free to come to UAT to jam on your own stuff! Creativity and productivity are KEY!

That’s it for now! We’ll see you all at the September meeting. Until then, don’t forget to email me ( or Kyle ( with any feedback, announcements or requests!


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