Keepin’ it Cool With the August Updates!

Hey there, valley devs!


Hope everyone’s summers have been going well so far. We’ve been keeping busy too, but we’re happy to announce our next IGDA meeting is finally coming up… next week! If you’ve been missing us so far this summer, worry no more- before you know it, you’ll be at the… 

August IGDA Meeting!
Wednesday, August 8th
7 PM at Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe!


We don’t have a designated speaker for this month, but it’s not for lack of things to talk about. We’ll be recapping the major events and announcements of the summer so far, including the standings and presentations up on the big screen from the UAT Game Jam last week! We had a lot of highly competitive and fun entries, so I hope you’ll come by and check them out! See our Facebook event for some more details!


Speaking of announcements, don’t forget that if you have anything you’d like us to mention at the meeting, tell me about it! ( This can be upcoming events, game releases, or really anything related to Arizona and game development. We want to hear it! 😀


Lastly, you’ll hear more about this next week, but here are some quick updates from around the valley:



This year, TWO different games from different local developers been selected for display at the PAX10! In other words, they will be a part of the Penny Arcade Expo held in Seattle at the end of this month. First, a big congrats to Mario Castañeda, whose beautiful black-and-white puzzle game, The Bridge, will be making an appearance.

Kpulv’s Offspring Fling, the charming little puzzle platformer for PC/Mac (and more recently, a highly-acclaimed hit on the Steam store), will also be on the expo floor. Congratulations, Kyle and Mario!

(By the way, you can DEFINITELY expect a postmortem about Offspring Fling and Kyle’s adventures in online retail at a future meeting. If you have any questions you’d like him to address in the talk, shoot an email over to!)



The ever-popular Mr. Ara Shirinian has another nugget of game design wisdom to share with you all- this time, it’s on Gamasutra! In The Value of Repetition, Ara hops onto the flip side of the coin to talk about proper use of non-grindy, valuable repetition in video games. Check it out, read the interesting discussions at the bottom, post it up to your social network of choice if you’re so inclined!


And with that, just another reminder that you can find us on Twitter and/or Facebook anytime!


See you all next Wednesday!

Your Chair,


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