October Meeting: Wednesday October 12th at Claim Jumper!

Hey everybody!


I have an important note: our monthly meeting for October will NOT be tomorrow (October 5th). Instead, it will be happening next week on Wednesday, October 12th! Here’s a link to the Facebook event.

It’ll be held at Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe, and the talk and announcements start at 7 PM sharp! This month, we feature our very first encore performance as Ara Shirinian returns to the stage! Veteran igdaPHXers might remember Ara from last year’s talk, “How To Get Into the Game Industry (And Stay in it!),” a collection of hard-earned advice from his own industry career. This talk was so well received that he’s here to do another one!

For those of you who don’t know Ara, a brief introduction:

Ara Shirinian is a video game designer, writer, and co-host of Chatterbox Video Game Radio. In his spare time he enjoys displacing massive objects and is on a perpetual quest for extreme hot sauces.

You can find out more about Ara at http://www.shirinian.net and http://chatterboxgameshow.com.

This time around, Ara will be touching on a number of topics that are relevant to game designers and developers as a whole! Be sure not to miss this! (Don’t worry, we’ll be bugging you about it more next week!)



By the way, those of you who missed Theresa’s excellent talk on Games as Art in August, never fear: you can now watch it online! This was a really great presentation, one of my personal favorites, and for those of you who missed it I’d urge you to check this out!


Finally, we at IGDA Phoenix HQ have had something hanging over our heads for the past few weeks… specifically, a hat:

And (we assume) it belongs to one of you, is being missed dearly, and possibly even carries a +5 to CHA or something like that. So if this looks familiar and isn’t on YOUR head, please come claim it! Or send an email to corey@igdaphx.org.

I’ll be wearing this to the meeting, and if I’m still wearing it by the end of the night it becomes the Official Hat of the Phoenix IGDA. So rightful owner, if you’re out there and want it back please let us know!


That’s it for now! See you all next week!



Don’t forget, IGDA PHX is also on Twitter and Facebook!


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