Local Meetings, Discussions, Demos and Successes!

Hey everybody!


Big thanks again to everyone who came out to last month’s meeting – the turnout and the talk were both fantastic, AND we have a lot more of these to look forward to in upcoming months! 🙂

For those of you who may have missed this past meeting or want a recap on it, we have some exciting news: Theresa captured it all on video, which will also be made available online! We’ll make an announcement once it’s up. For now though, we have her Powerpoint slides AND a bibliography of all the source material (not shown during the talk).

You can download them here: [Slides] [Bibliography]

She’s also chosen to make her contact info available for anyone with questions or comments about the subject! You can find her at theresadevine at gmail dot com or tcdevine at asu dot edu.


We have another great announcement! Kihon Games, our nearly-local friends out in Tucson, have released their game for iPhone/iPad, Baby Monkey (Going Backwards on a Pig)! It’s an addictive little game that pretty much speaks for itself. Based on the popular youtube video of the same name, it even features the original song by Parry Grip! Here’s a link to their game in the app store (only 99 cents!). Congrats to Kihon! Can’t wait to see what you guys are up to next!

So here we go! Onwards and upcoming we have our…


SEPTEMBER Meeting! Wednesday, September 7th
7 PM at Claim Jumper Restaurant in Tempe!


September’s meeting is GAME DEMO Night! The format will be a little bit different from the usual, so let me explain: First of all, anyone with a game demo in ANY stage of its development is free to bring it in for people to playtest and watch it during “mingling time”! And in fact, the main presentation will be pretty short so everyone has plenty of time to do just that.

However, just after the announcements at 7, we’ll be showing a total of 6 actual demo presentations, each 5 minutes long. These demos can be anything you want: showing docs and screenshots, a brief powerpoint presentation, or even playing your game on the big screen! Each of these presentations is an open slot, which can be reserved by e-mailing me! (corey@igdaphx.org) Presentation slots will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis. So if you have a game you’d like to present, let me know SOON!

With September almost here, October’s always pretty quick to follow. And with that, we have our:


OCTOBER Meeting! Wednesday, October 5th
7 PM, Location TBA.


In the October meeting, we’ll be returning to our usual speaker/presentation format, as we welcome BACK to the IGDA Phoenix stage our very own Ara Shirinian! Those of you who are longtime IGDA Phoenix attendees may have remembered his speech last year. As a matter of fact, Ara’s our very first IGDA speaker to make an encore appearance!

He’s a fantastic designer and writer with a wealth of knowledge and experience. If his extensive list of released games and publications doesn’t convince you of that, just check out this awesome Gamasutra article and postmortem, published just last month!

We’ll have more to announce here as we get closer to October. Look forward to this one for sure!


Finally, I just want to remind you guys that we’re still on the lookout for ideal meeting locations! We like places that are big, accessible, quiet, and preferably have some good stuff on the menu ;D If you think you know of a good place to check out, please let Kyle or I know! (kyle@igdaphx.org) (corey@igdaphx.org).


That’s it for now, see you all in September! Game demo-ers, don’t forget to email me, and as always check us out on Facebook and Twitter!



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