Meeting this Wednesday!

Hey guys, just reminding you once more about our…


Wednesday, February 2nd

7 PM at George and Dragon

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist.) Starring the composer of the amazing Super Meat Boy soundtrack, AZ’s own Mr. Danny B!

DannyB has friends in high places.
You better watch out, he knows about Timed Hits.

Danny Baranowsky is a composer from Mesa, Arizona. He has scored numerous indie films, including ones featuring Bill Engvall, Danny Trejo and Judd Nelson. He has more recently been active in the Indie Game community, providing music for the iPhone/iPad hits Canabalt, Gravity Hook HD and Steambirds. Most recently Danny provided the soundtrack to the award-winning XBLA/PC game Super Meat Boy!, of which the soundtrack won Best Soundtrack of 2010 from Destructoid, and is consistently at the top of the charts at In his free time he enjoys string cheese and romance.


This meeting is going to be a bit unique in its presentation – oriented towards a kind of one-man-panel / Q&A session. That’s right, DANNY BARANOWSKY IS HERE TO ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS. Got something you’d like to ask? Email me:, and I’ll make sure it gets answered! 😀


Well, that in itself is more than enough incentive to make it out, but I have one more fun announcement: YOUR ATTENDANCE IS YOUR TICKET IN A (FREE!) RAFFLE FOR STEAM COPIES OF SUPER MEAT BOY! This game is nominated for a well-deserved 2 awards (Best Download and Best Debut) in the upcoming Game Choice Awards and is a MUST PLAY (as rated by me). Okay, so attendance is pretty much a no-brainer at this point, but we’re about to sweeten the deal with Meat Boy-themed rice krispie treats! (Okay, that was the last awful pun for this post, I swear.)


As a last bit of news, I wanted to both thank & congratulate Tyler on hosting another successful game jam, and all the participants for their hardcore dedication and amazing results! Speaking of amazing results, guys, be sure to send those games to me (again: so we can show them off on Wednesday!!

That’s it! See you Wednesday!



One Response

  1. I am very interested in attending, and so I shall be visiting on that day. I hope it turns out to be a very positive experience.

    Thank you for organizing this!

    x Jeremy M.

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