To February… and Beyond! A Tale of Meat Boy, Jamming, and GDC

Hey all!

Man, we are just barraging you guys with updates this month! I wanted to give you guys a closer look at the rest of the month and February, because seriously, there is a LOT OF COOL STUFF happening.

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who came out to the HOLIGDAY Party Saturday, it was a great success! To those who missed it, fear not! We have plenty more awesome stuff down the pipeline πŸ™‚


GLOBAL GAME JAM: Friday – Sunday, January 28-30th

5 pm on Friday until 5 pm Sunday at University of Advancing Technology (UAT)

It’s coming up soon! I know we’ve mentioned this before, so I’ll keep this brief. Basically, if you haven’t yet, you should register on the GGJ site, and if you have questions, check out their official wiki or email us. We’ll be happy to answer what we can!

It’s a tad bit more “official” than some of our other game jams – the theme is set in stone, and is the same all over the world, so there’s no objecting and changing it when you find out what it is πŸ™‚ (The theme is announced the day of.) The start and end times are stricter, at least if you’re determined to be a part of the main jam… and also, if you’re properly registered you will have your own place on their site to post screenshots, descriptions, and ultimately builds of your game for people worldwide to download and play!

A number of us did this last year, and we can all attest how fun it was- whether you’re mastering a technique, learning something new, or even just along for the ride! Come join us! In addition to the official registration, there’s a Facebook event for our local jam site, big thanks to Tyler for making it. Again, I cannot encourage you enough to come out to it. It will be awesome! You will have fun! You’ll make new friends! Or your money back! (yes, this event is free)


Next up, we can happily announce our


FEBRUARY MEETING: Wednesday, February 2nd

7 pm at George and Dragon

This month we introduce to you the one, the only, the man behind the music… Mr. DANNY BARANOWSKY!

DannyB has friends in high places.
You better watch out, he knows about Timed Hits.

Danny Baranowsky is a composer from Mesa, Arizona. He has scored numerous indie films, including ones featuring Bill Engvall, Danny Trejo and Judd Nelson. He has more recently been active in the Indie Game community, providing music for the iPhone/iPad hits Canabalt, Gravity Hook HD and Steambirds. Most recently Danny provided the soundtrack to the award-winning XBLA/PC game Super Meat Boy!, of which the soundtrack won Best Soundtrack of 2010 from Destructoid, and is consistently at the top of the charts at In his free time he enjoys string cheese and romance.


DannyB will be regaling us on the wonders of string che errr, I mean music and audio in video games, and the career of the game music composer. A vastly important, often misunderstood little corner of the game industry.

If that somehow isn’t enough to get you running for the bar on a Wednesday night, there’s more: to celebrate Danny’s most recent success, MEAT BOY is taking over this meeting! filled with lots of little treats including a raffle and a chance to play the Steam release of Super Meat Boy up on the big screen! (incidentally, recognize that website? it’s the handiwork of another of our local indies, Mr. Kyle Pulver :D)


Finally, I want to remind you all one more time about the GDC, as early registration deadlines are rapidly approaching. In fact… Ah, hell, I’m just going to repaste it:

The 2011 Game Developer’s Conference is quickly approaching! It will be happening February 28th – March 4 in the Moscone Center in San Francisco. It’s a chance to meet and talk to people from all over the world about the amazing shared experience we have as game developers. Networking, people, parties… it’s an incredibly energizing and inspiring time.

Early registration ends on January 24th, and with that so does your chance to save around 30% on the conference ticket. (Also, don’t forget that if you have an official IGDA membership, you can receive an additional $75 off of this and other conference tickets! Also for members, I found a possible chance to win a pass for free: make sure you enter it now because it looks like the winner gets picked on Thursday.)

Even with a discounted pass, GDC ain’t cheap – especially when you factor in travel / hotel costs. On the fence about it? Talk to people! All of us on the board have been to GDC at least once, and would be more than happy to field questions and address concerns. Feel free to email us with questions, or post them to our Facebook or Twitter.


That’s enough for now. Truthfully, we have even MORE awesome plans in coming months to announce, but I don’t want to overload you. Looking forward to seeing you all at the Game Jam, and again at the February meeting!




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