The News for November

Remember, remember! In the month of November, we have…


NOVEMBER MEETING: Wednesday, November 3rd
7 PM at George and Dragon

This month, things are going to be a little different! Ever wanted your own voice to be heard at the meetings? Well, you’re in luck. Instead of one main talk, we’ll be setting up a series of roundtable discussions on a few different subjects. There will be something for everyone: artists, programmers, managers, students, you name it! It’s a great opportunity for some meaningful group discussion in your field (or in other fields!)


Now, have these past couple months felt a little bit… strange to you? Like maybe you’ve been getting regular amounts of sleep, and not chugging enough energy drinks? Never fear, because it’s time for another:


NOT ANOTHER GAME JAM (49-Hour Game Jam): Friday, November 19th – Sunday, November 21st
Starts Friday 11/19 at 7 PM at University of Advancing Technology (UAT)

Yes, that’s right! Tyler Coleman is organizing another awesome jam this month and we’re excited to see some participation! “So why 49 hours you ask? We are cranking this jam to eleven and giving everyone a whole extra hour!”

Quick overview, for those of you new to game jams:

  • Starting Friday at 7, you have 49 hours to make a game.
  • There will be a secret theme you must incorporate into your game. The theme will be announced on Friday!
  • There are no system requirements, you can work on whatever platform you like.
  • Team sizes up to and including 5 are fine.

For more details and updates, check out the Facebook Event!


Have a happy and safe Halloween, Phoenix devs! We’ll see you in a week!

Corey Nolan
IGDA PHX Vice Chair

P.S. Reminding you guys again about our awesome Facebook and Twitter pages!


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