New Day, New Location, Same Awesome Meetings!

Oh man, October has crept up on me! Check it, game devs, we’ve got some BRAND NEW awesomeness going on for this month!


OCTOBER MEETING: This coming WEDNESDAY, October 6th
7 PM at our NEW LOCATION: George & Dragon Restaurant


Hope you’re all as excited about Wednesday night as I am! We’ll be having the fantastic Kyle Pulver shelling out all the secrets to making money with flash games! That’s right devs, you heard it here: making your own games doesn’t have to condemn you to ramen every night for the rest of your life! (Alternatively, you can consider it enough money for a lifetime’s supply of ramen!)


Known for making games and cool reflections off his glasses

This is right before he brought stone tablets down from the mountain. ~dannybstyle

This month’s speaker, Kyle Pulver is an indie game dev extraordinaire. His first major release, Bonesaw, popped up in a whole bunch of “Best Platformers of 2008” lists. In 2009, his prototype game Snapshot was nominated for Excellence in Design at GDC’s Independent Games Festival. He and Pete Jones then co-founded Retro Affect, and began the long journey of making Snapshot into a fully-featured game- a highly anticipated work-in-progress. Lately, he’s perhaps best known for burrowing away with his computer and emerging 48 hours later with games that win prizes and make lots of money. One game jam game, Gaiadi, won first place in Ludum Dare 17. His global game jam game, depict1, has made waves of headlines with its recent flash release, sponsored by


You’re all in for a big treat with this talk. Can’t wait to see you at George and Dragon this Wednesday!



P.S. In honor of Halloween coming up this month, I’m pleased to let you all know that our new location is known for being slightly haunted. No, really!


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