IGDA PHX Game Jam Wrap-Up!

Hey there, Phoenix Game Devs! Happy Monday!


We’ve officially concluded another successful Game Jam! Lots of learning, making friends, sharing ideas, and best of all, lots of cool new games to play! Thanks to everyone who came and participated, I hope you all got something out of it!


For those of you who couldn’t make it to the jam, don’t worry. You’ll still be able to play these games when you come to our

August IGDA meeting!

(Which is once again on the first Thursday of the month, August 5th, 7 P.M. at Boulder’s on Broadway!)


The Next Jam: There’s another jam coming up next month, August 13th-15th! While it’s not an official IGDA jam, it’s being organized by one Mr. Tyler Coleman, and we gotta say it sounds pretty rad. Catering, teams, judging, prizes!… and again, this is open to anyone and everyone making games in the Phoenix area. It’s being sponsored and hosted once again by UAT.


To this past weekend’s jammers: If you decide to keep working on your game jam games (highly encouraged!) and want to send me a new build before the August 5th meeting, just shoot me an e-mail (again, corey@igdaphx.org)!

Thanks again, all, and see you next month!


IGDA PHX Vice Chair


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