This weekend’s (July 16th-18th) Game Jam

This weekend’s (July 16th-18th) Game Jam

By jamespowers

Hey Everyone!!  I hope you have all been getting your rest, as the long-awaited Game Jam is almost here!!

We will be following the Mini Ludum Dare (prounounced this way, not that), so at 8pm that theme will be announced.  If you don’t want to follow it, that is completely fine, and we will be arriving/setting up at 6pm for a 7pm kickoff.

Now where is it, you ask?  This weekend’s jam will be at the University of Advancing Technology.  We have three private classrooms, all adjacent to one another, with two of them being electronic (computer-equipped).  There are already Guest accounts created and ready, but if you want to use your own rig you are MORE than welcome to.  It will all be open 24 hours a day, so bring a pillow/blanket!!

As we will be here all weekend, bring your snacks and water with you…unless you want to use the water fountains on campus or go to Fry’s grocery/Subway – which is right across the street!!  Yes, this game jam will be very conveniently food-adjacent with a grocery store and Subway right across the street.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to e-mail one of us (,,,  We will have signs posted in the school, directing you where to go, but in case you don’t see them the classrooms are 106, 107, and 108; they are at the front of the school.

We will see you all there Friday evening, and good luck!!


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