Game Jam Wrap-Up, May 6th Meeting, and Voting!

Quite a bit to cover, but I’ll  be concise.


What a weekend. Over 15 people showed up, made some games, and ate some cake. There were some spectacular results. If you haven’t checked out our RAjam Feed, you should probably do it now. There, you can find a great summary of all the different projects. We’ll be posting some of the results in the coming weeks but in the meantime, enjoy some of the photos taken during the jam, courtesy of Matthew Wegner from Flashbang.

May 6th Meeting

may 6th, 7pm @ boulders on broadway

Remember, our next meeting is in almost a week! Steve Swink is our guest speaker, and he’ll be discussing Ethical Game Design. Check out the previous post for more information.


Next meeting we’ll be voting on this year’s Board of Directors. Make sure you read the candidate’s biographies (check back often for additional candidates!), and that you show up May 6th to cast your vote. Only IGDA members are allowed to vote, so bring your Member ID on May 6th!

That is all for now! See you May 6th at 7PM.

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